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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!


This is one of my favorite blogs to write. I get to take a step back, reflect on the year, and thank everyone that has had an instrumental part in helping me and Body Revolution grow.

First, what a year! Looking back, I am amazed at everything that has happened at the gym. I obtained my Level 1 AND Level 2 Kettlebell Concepts Instructor certification; became a certified TRX-STC instructor; added 21ft of TRX multi mount and 10 straps; brought in 6 TRX rip trainers; attended a Plyo Power workshop and am working on getting my Plyo Power X-factor athlete certification; added Flirty Girl dancing taught by my instructor, Allie Parham; attended the ECA/ Thrive fitness conference in Ft. Lauderdale; purchased 4 additional spin bikes and 3 additional treadmills; had 2 cable series on TCAM TV featuring my weight loss challenges; and have added 2 additional personal trainers. Plus, I moved to a space that is 2x the size of my old space….all within a year! Wow, what a year!!! All the additional classes have allowed me to grow as a person and instructor and trainer. I really love being able to add more variety and diversity to my training and classes.

Okay so now I will move on to thank all those that have had such a big impact in my life and at the gym.

First, my husband, Michael. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support through the years. From encouraging me to reach for my dream and leave my nursing job so that I may pursue what my real passion is. From helping me study, accompanying me on training conferences, building two gyms and fixing every single problem that seems to crop up when you have your own business. To running the household when I am flat out and sacrificing your free time to help the gym grow. To helping me stay focused and positive when things don’t go as smoothly as planned and believing in me when I question my belief in myself. Body Revolution would simply not run without you! Next my mom for always believing in me and telling me I can do anything I set my mind to. My grandmother in heaven for making me as tough as nails and giving me a thick skin. I really don’t think people realize how much she helped shape the person I have become. My daughter, Hailey, who is a HUGE help when she is home from college. From taking care of my online website, helping set up and run my face book page, to running the front desk and making sure I get something to eat and drink when I am crazy busy. You have turned into a wonderful young lady and I am so proud of you! My son, Ryan, who helped my husband get my new location up and running. You have also turned into a fine young man that I am so proud of! Love you! The absolute best friends that anyone could ever wish for: Bob Bohn, Lisa Kole, Jeff Parham, Doreen Agresta, Jen Marciano, and Deb Young. You guys have been with me through the good and bad and have always had my back. I am SO lucky to have you all in my life and love each one of you beyond words….  My spin instructor, Sara, for the dedication and commitment you bring to your spin classes and the clients of Body Revolution. Yoga instructor, Ann, for your passion and vision. My other trainer, Dawn, for getting up at the crack of dawn 2 days a week so that people can get their workouts in before their busy days begin. Allie, my massage therapist and Flirty Girl Instructor, thank you for your dedication and patience. I am so honored to have the talents and experience of trainer, Debbie Young, join Body Revolution to help with new clients and grow TRX classes, pilates, and Barre Fusion classes. I must also thank my front desk girl, Katie, for your enthusiasm, energy, and for having a smile for everyone that walks into the gym.

Next my clients: some of you have been with me for almost 4 years now. I am SO honored that you have chosen me as your trainer and Body Revolution as your home away from home. I am so proud to see how strong and fit you all have become. I love and appreciate your passion for fitness and am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow with you all. I must say, we are SO not done growing together! The sky is truly the limit for us! My newer clients that are just starting out with me: hang on and enjoy the wild ride! You will work hard, have fun, and change your body in ways you have never even imagined! I look forward to watching the whole process of change with you all, not only physically, but also mentally.

I would also like to thank my critics and others that have not had such a positive impact in my life. You keep me grounded, focused, humble, and make me work my a.. off so that I may take a step back and push to become even stronger and better at what I do. You ultimately help Body Revolution grow by not letting me stay stagnant.

So what is in store for 2013? I have several short and long term goals. My short term are: to get signed off as an X-factor athlete, attend the ECA/ OBOW fitness conference in NYC in February so that I may learn even more TRX suspension and rip training, add some new classes that I think will be well liked at Body Revolution such as Barre classes, a new spring/ summer spin fusion class, and hopefully some others that are in the works. I would like to run another half marathon, do more charity work, and have the absolute BEST weight loss challenge to date with the Winter Challenge which will be starting soon. I would like to continue to grow the name Body Revolution in the community.

My long term goals are: to write a book, branch out from my weight loss show on TCAM, and to become a presenter at a future fitness conference. These are lofty goals but I hope to continue pecking away at them little by little. I have truly only gotten started!

I wish every single one of you a Happy New Year and hope to see you all soon at Body Revolution. We have some work to do!


All my best,


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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!


Hi guys,


We are one day away from Christmas.  I am wishing for peace, tolerance, acceptance, and to keep being able to do what I do: teach cutting edge, challenging classes and train with the newest, most effective and safest training methods.  I am wishing all my clients health and happiness.  I am lucky to have a great crew working at and for the gym and hope to continue to lead the way in the area of fitness.  I am fortunate to have some of the most talented instructors and trainers working for Body Revolution.  I know I speak for us all when I say we will continue to bring the best to the surrounding area of Raynham. 

The New Year is right around the corner.  This means those New Year's resolutions about getting in shape will be made soon.  I actually just heard about some New Year's day traditions.  It seems that there are a few New Year's day 5k races that are popping up in the area.  I think that is a great idea... what  better way to welcome in the New Year than with a goal!  Those New Year resolutions mean that the gym will be bustling soon.  I love this time of year and being busy.  Bring it!

We also have some new programs we are looking at bringing to the gym.  First we are looking at starting Barre classes.  This is a combination between pilates and ballet.  I am very fortunate in that my pilates instructor is also a dance teacher with years of experience in both.  We are also looking at launching 'chair dancing' classes with my Flirty Girl instuctor.  This would be a fun way to get some cardio and lower body strengthening in.  I have had the request to bring pole dancing in so this would be a way to see what the interest is for this type of class in the area.  I will be attending the ECA/ OBOW fitness conference in NYC in February with my other trainer, Lisa.  This conference is heavy in TRX suspension and rip training so I plan on offering some more specialty classes there also.  I am also awaiting my approval to teach Plyo Power classes.  The video has been sent so I am waiting to hear back on that and then take the written test.  Then I can officially offer those classes as well.

The grand daddy of all that will be starting is the Winter Challenge which will be televised weekly on TCAM tv.  We will be doing a lot more challenges and games and I also will be focusing a little bit more on the nurtition and diet aspect.  I am fortunate to have a Registered Dietitician training at Body Revolution that I can consult with.  I am excited to have TCAM back following the challenge because it allows the public to watch average, every day people work hard and lose weight the healthy way.  There are so many people out there that struggle with their weight.  The show puts a face and personality with this struggle.  People see it, learn from it, and maybe get started on their own weight loss journey.  It lets people know that they can do it too.  If you are interested in finding out more about the challenge, please send me an email via the 'contact me' tab.  Please don't let the cameras deter you from doing the challenge if you are nervous about being seen on tv.  I can assure you that they are sensitive to peoples' requests and try to always show the challengers in a positive manner.

Have a great holiday everyone and get out there and move!


8:21 pm est



Sunday, December 16, 2012

Staying Active, Staying Healthy


Hi guys,


I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season and is staying active and well.  I was going to write a blog about how to squeeze in exercise during this busy time of year but I was putting myself to sleep.  Plus I felt like a broken record: park further away from the stores, do squats while you brush your teeth, etc etc.  We have all heard suggestions on how to squeeze in exercise while we are super busy.  My number one suggestion is to set the alarm clock earlier and get it done before things get crazy and energy levels wane.  Sure it stinks getting up early.  Especially when it is cold and dark out.  Think of it as a short term thing right now though.  When the holidays are over, you will have more time to devote to taking care of yourself.  I got up at 5am every Wednesday morning over the summer so that I could get a run in outside before it got too hot and I got too busy.  It wasn't  fun but I was always sure happy I did it when I was done.  Just set that alarm and make sure you pack your workout clothes the night before so that they are ready and waiting.  While you are at it, pack your food for the day the night before too.  The more you can plan in advance, the more likely you are to do it.

So why should we stay active anyway?  First it helps with weight maintenance.  If you are trying to lose weight, make sure that you are watching your diet.  Try to eat whole, natural foods in their natural states as much as possible.  Watch portions.  Increase fruits and veggies and decrease any processed foods.  Make sure you get at least a half hour of exercise in MOST days of the week.  That is the current recommendation by the Surgeon General.  Make sure that the exercise causes you to sweat and leaves you a little short of breath while you are doing it.  That is make sure you are using some intensity.  Of course always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.  The next big thing exercise (and in particular some strength training) will do is strengthen your bones, increase muscle mass, and decrease body fat.  Adults will lose between 0.5-1% of muscle tissue per year after the age of 25... yes 25!  This loss of muscle tissue will slow our metabolism and increase the storage of body fat.  Strength training is key to prevent this muscle loss.  Exercise also has been shown to boost our immune system when done in a moderate amount and at a moderate intensity.  It helps keep us healthy.  This not only translates into fewer colds per year but also can mean fewer diseases as we get older and also fewer incidences of cancer.  This means fewer medications we need as we get older.  It helps prevent high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases that can happen as we age.  Fewer incidences of this means less medications we need to buy which will mean less money spent and more money in our pockets. 

One of the most important benefits of exercise which I feel doesn't get mentioned enough is improved mental health and well being.  Exercise helps us to get rid of bad energy and destress.  It allows us to temporarily forget about our worries and cares and focus completely on ourselves.  It helps us to clear our minds, figure out problems, and come up with solutions.  Clients have sought me out during times of distress when they needed to take a step back and focus on getting their health and/ or lives back.  I think that is one of the most important things that I have had the privelage to acknowledge and improve.  When a client is in a bad place mentally in their life for whatever reason and seeks me out to help them get their body healthy.  As they get stronger, fitter, and healthier, their mind and confidence improves.  Goals that they have set get met and they start to appreciate what their bodies can do and what they can accomplish.  As they work with me and learn about themselves and what they are capable of, I learn about myself too.  It is a two way street and I improve and grow along with them.  It is a terrific relationship and I feel very honored and fortunate to be able to touch someone's life in a positive manner.  Of course not every one will click with me and some clients have bigger demons to battle that I cannot help with.  That is the toughest part of my job: knowing when I have to let go.  I also know that I am far from perfect and that certain personalities and I do not mesh.  I am always working to improve my knowledge and myself.  It is a forever life journey. 

My promise to my clients is this: I will continue to learn, grow, and battle my own demons so that I may help you both physically and mentally.  I will take care of myself so that I may better be able to help you.  I will do my best with every single one of you.

Have a good night everyone and see you all this week.  I am going to pack my gym clothes and set my alarm.


Corinne :)

8:02 pm est



Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ethics, Integreity, and Dedication


Hi guys,


What an incredibly busy week! I can honestly say I have never remembered being so mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted as I have finishing this week. 

We were all busy at Body Revolution this past week.  Classes and training went on as it does every week but we had some news and other things that added excitement.  First, we found out that TCAM tv will be back next month to begin filming Season 3 of "Losing It."  That is what the title of my 10th (yes I said 10th!) weight loss challenge will be called on TV.  I am so excited to have them back because it gives my weight loss challenge people even more accountability.  They all do better knowing that friends and family, as well as everyone else in the viewing area, will be watching them weigh in on TV.  I have a ton of new ideas to share with the exectutive producer of the show and will be having a meeting with her this week. Also, I can't help but think about all the changes that have occurred since the last season of 'Losing It' which wrapped up last March.  First, we have moved into a new space that is double the size of the old space.  This gives us a lot more room during the group workouts.  Next, I have added 3 more treadmills which will let us do more treadmill based workouts.  I have also added 6 TRX Rip trainers to utilize during workouts.  I have also taken and passed my Level 2 Kettlebell class, attended (and hopefully will be getting signed off soon) a Plyo Power workshop, plus learned some other methods when I attended the ECA/ Thrive fitness conference in Ft Lauderdale this past fall.  I also have another trainer working for and at Body Revolution who is wonderful.  Lisa, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you are doing to help Body Revolution grow!  You are an absolute sweetheart and I am so lucky to have you! xxoo

Next I had my 2nd annual Holiday Open House yesterday at Body Revolution.  We had SO many new faces walk in the door!  I think the biggest difference between last year and this year is the fact that last year it was mainly existing clients that visited us, this year it was mainly new people that stopped by.  We should be seeing some new faces in classes as well as around the gym this week!

Lastly, I filmed a workout this morning to submit to Plyo Power for their approval so that I may add Plyo Power classes officially to my class list.  I have been teaching some classes utilizing the methods of it since I attended the workshop the beginning of November.  Because I was not officially signed off with Plyo Power's owner and founder, Acea Theroux, I could not call it under that name.  So I renamed the class Skilz n Drilz and utilized the class during some of my training sessions; at the beginning of my TRX class on Wednesday mornings; and even ran a special class on Thanksgiving morning.  The class on Thanksgiving morning was off the wall even though there was a fee to attend it.  I even had a waiting list and had some people doing it on a "taped" step on the floor because I only had 11 steps.  Everyone who has done even a small amount of it absolutely LOVES it!  In the 4 weeks that the regulars have done the 1/2 hour class on Wednesdays before TRX, we have noticed a visible improvement in their physiques.  They have lost some weight and definitly tightened up and lost some inches.  It is such a great class!  I purchased 3 more steps and taped the class today to submit to Acea.  In all honesty, I could have continued to call it Skilz n Drilz and continued to teach it and clients would have come happily.  However, in my mind I would have felt not right doing it this way even though we were told by Acea to take it and utilize its methods.  Bottom line, it is HIS program and I feel the only respectful thing to do is to get signed off on it and use the name HE created for it.  I attended a small business group luncheon this week and was asked what made me and Body Revolution different than all the other trainers and gyms out there.  It was an easy answer from me: I am a registered nurse and I believe 100% on further education in my field by me as well as the trainers that work with me.  If I have not attended a class, conference, or workshop and learned from the appropriate educators, it will not be used by me or anyone that works at Body Revolution.  I very strongly believe that one should have the proper background on techniques and exercises from the absolute best in the industry or it does not get used.  This is not done at most gyms.  There are others that feel the same way but it is not the norm.  Anyone who walks in the front doors of Body Revolution can rest assurd that we have the appropriate training in our methods.  I have mentioned in the past that personal training and the fitness industry is not regulated by the government like other professions like nursing, dietetics, and physical therapy.  Even the trades of plumbing, electrical, and home improvement need to be licensed by the state.  Why fitness is not regulated is ridiculous and I would love nothing more than to see it become regulated by the state. 

On another note, I recently read an article that talked about creating a good team that stands behind you.  It states we all have challenges in life that we must overcome but it is how we overcome and handle those obstacles that determines who we are.  Here is a little bit of truth: the fitness industry and the gym industry is very competitive.  Gyms get bought and sold all the time and management changes.  Usually when this happens, the new management will come in and "clean house."  It is rough out there; I have seen it and lived it.  It is easy to think that working elsewhere would be better at times.  The truth is that it really is not.  My old gym where I got my start in Norton is currently going through this right now. The gym has been sold again and one of my mentors and absolute best of the best trainers is being "phased out" of the new place.  She is extremely talented and super busy.  I have a call out to her to extend a warm invitation to come join us even though the distance is probably too great for her clients to travel.  If she even considers joining me, I will be honored.  It would be a great service to the surronding areas of Body Revolution.  I will always do what is best for the clients.  They are the reason I get out of bed every morning and come into the gym.  Here is what else I will do for my current, future, and even past clients.  I will work hard to bring an incredibly talented "team" to work at Body Revolution.  I want people who not only work hard for their clients, but also will work hard at building up the name in the community.  I want those that will continue to better themselves and have pride in their job and the place where they work.  I want only those that strongly believe this way and will join me in growing Body Revolution.  My question is simple, "do YOU want to be a part of this team?"

Have a good week everyone and get ready to work hard.



3:55 pm est



Sunday, December 2, 2012

Remaining Focused


Hi guys,


I had such an overwhelming response regarding my last post on my diet that I decided to bear my soul again.  In the past, speaking my mind has gotten me into trouble several times with management but been respected and appreciated by clients.  I was taught during my nursing profession that if you can explain the reason and thought process of why you did something, you are never wrong.  I believe that to this day so I will share the following for those that choose to read it.

Those that are close to me will agree that this past fall has been extremely tough on me.  My youngest child began her freshman year in college and moved an hour and a half away.  She has been doing wonderful and has adjusted well.  Almost too well for me- she has only been home twice since the semester began at the end of August.  I had and still continue to battle the "empty nest" syndrome.  As a matter of fact, we are hanging our family advent calendar and our countdown to Christmas and I realize that there will be no one home to look forward to hanging the ornaments on the calendar or changing the numbers on the countdown.  It's tough because you have established all these traditions and now half of the family is gone that used to partake in those traditions.  Also, coming home every evening to just your spouse when you are used to having kids around is tough.  When the kids were little and even well into the high school years, I would often come home to just the kids as my husband traveled, worked late, or took evening classes.  To just have him home is strange at best.  The most challenging time was however just coming home to my dog whom I absolutely love to pieces.  While my husband travels, it is just me home now.  It is weird because I feel so quiet and silent when I am home by myself for sometimes up to a week.  Yes I know, hard to believe me. silent!  Anyway, my way to adapt to stressful situations in the past has always been to work out.  I have found running in the past to help me through the most difficult times.  It was no surprise then that I would find myself running 3-4 times a week in addition to all my spinning, lifting, and teaching.  The result of that plus my decreased appetite from being depressed (yes I said it out loud.... depressed) was an 8 lb weight loss.  There were times that I would have to force myself to eat and times when I would literally get shaky from having low blood sugar.  I also was sick with a cold bad enough to cause me to need my inhaler for my asthma.  I was sick for a good 4 weeks. 

Also during this stressful time, I had a couple of clients/ friends walk out suddenly of my life.  I was feeling deserted, un-needed, and felt that my knowledge of my job was being questioned and tested.  I floundered for all of October and most of November.  I questioned myself and my self worth.  I questioned all the decisions that I had made.  Fortunately I had a couple of friends that I hadn't seen or spoken with in a while suddenly reappear at this time.  That helped a great deal but life still remained tough.  I was fortunately already scheduled to take my Level 2 Kettlebell class, my Plyo Power workshop, and the ECA/Thrive in Florida.  I delved hard into learning more, growing, and bringing more to my clients.  I worked with some of the brightest and best in the fitness industry and my idols: Acea Theroux,  Kettlebell Concept instructor- Vincent Metzo, Abbie Appel, Mindy Mylrea, Josh Taylor and met some new instructors that are also incredible: Paul Katami and Alex Mclean.  I brought the new material I had learned, assimilated it in my head to make it mine, and gave it to my clients.  I kept busy, ran more, and studied more.  I religiously wore my Plyo Power baseball hat and bracelet I got from the ECA/Thrive and Paul Katami that has "kai zen" stamped on it which translates into "move forward."  I wore these to keep reminding myself to stay focused and positive.  I still wear the bracelet everyday and even sleep with it on.

It was in the past week that things began to turn around.  First, during my Thanksgiving SPINtensity class, I realized that the half of the class that were MY clients were absolutely kicking butt!  They did unbelievable during the workout and their form was perfect!  I was so proud!  Next I began to really look at the clients that had been with me for a while.  I saw them with new eyes and noticed the improvement in their physiques... they had all lost weight, improved their definition, gained stamina, strength, self confidence, were enjoying their workouts and had remained injury free.  Okay so they are all working incredibly hard and most importatntly, they are CONSISTENT.  They have all been training for months or even years with me and take their fitness seriously.  I am honored that they chose me to train with and incredibly proud of what they have accomplished!  Next it occurred at how freakishly strong some of my clients have become!  Those that have been with me for a year or more are doing absolutely incredible things since I opened Body Revolution!  They can go head to head with any man doing pushups and could outdo most women and even men doing pull ups.  I have needed to purchase heavier kettlebells because I found we were all fighting over the 25 and 30 pounders, and I don't mean for swings either.  These same clients just a year ago were grabbing the 10 and 15 pound kettlebells!  Wow!  What can happen in a year?!  It occured to me that not only have I learned a great deal in a year, my clients had also.  The real turning point came yesterday during the Jolly Jaunt 5k.  As I ran in with the first challenger I realized that she may not have ever even started running if not for the challenge.  I also realized that without the challenge, she struggles greatly with keeping all the pieces together for weight loss.  I ran in with her then turned around and headed back to get my next 2 challengers who were run/ walking the race.  I realized how much one enjoyed the challenge, the gym, and the family she had made there.  The other challenger struggles so much with her weight loss journey.  I realized that without me, the challenge, and her gym family, she would probably not work out at all.  I stayed with them until the finish line then headed back out to get my last challenger.  This gentleman has made such a HUGE improvement!  He has lost almost 60lbs in less than a year, has taken over 20 minutes off his 5k time since his first challenge less than a year ago, and is so much stronger and better able to just get around.  He is clearly an inspiration to every single person that walks in the doors at Body Revolution!

I have been told that there are many people out there that while they do not wish others to necessarily fail, they also do not like to see them succeed and do well either.  Particularly if they are not happy with themselves or their lives.  I have also been told that those that question me and leave, open valuable time slots to those that truly need me.  I saw that yesterday during the 5k.  Being a nurse also makes me want to help EVERYONE.  It is very disheartening when I am unable to do that.  The biggest thing I struggle with both as a nurse and as a personal trainer is that I cannot help everyone.  People have to want to be helped and need to make the steps necessary for me to help them.  Not everyone will continue this journey with me and I need to focus on those that truly do.

My focus is back, my energy is back, and my desire to work with those that want help is back.  I have several new things on the horizon that I am so looking forward to doing and several new clients coming in that I can't wait to work with.  Life is good again and I am truly "kai zen."



5:02 pm est



Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Typical Diet


Hi guys,


I often get asked about what I eat so I thought I would share a typical week with you all.  I have nothing to hide so here it is, raw and the truth.  I tend to be a fairly plain, predictable eater and I don't normally need or crave a lot of variety.  99% of the time, I start the day off with a weight watchers bagel or 100 calorie english muffin that has high fiber.  I add 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter.  I usually use Skippy Natural, I know, there are better choices but frankly 4 grams of sugar is not a crazy amount.  I also have a serving of fruit with it.  Rasberries and blueberries are my favorite but this morning I had a banana because there was no other fruit available.  I do not normally eat bananas because they have a little bit more calories and they are not my favorite there you have it.  Of course I have coffee with just a tablespoon of creamer substitute.

Next would be a snack around 9 or 10am.  Typically it is just an apple but I have been trying to make sure I get more calories in and nutrients in lately because I have been teaching so many high calorie burning, tough classes.  So I have been adding in a Kind fruit and nut bar or a Larabar.  As a matter of fact, I should add that at times I have been adding in a hard boiled egg at breakfast in addition to what I usually eat if I am feeling extra hungry. 

So lunch has usually consisted of a salad, courtesy of Royal House of Pizza or Cape Cod Cafe.  I do use the house dressing sparingly and get feta on the side.  The feta is probably about 1/4 cup and 99 calories.  I always eat the pita bread that comes with it or the 2 small pieces of italian bread.  I always get the grilled chicken,  At Cape Cod Cafe, I add the broccoli and maybe 4 croutons they add in.  Sometimes if I am extra hungry, I will eat another serving of fruit.  If I don't eat salad, I will eat soup.  I like Healthy Choices Chicken and Sausage soup.  With the soup, I will add a plain bagel. pita, or 2 slices of whole wheat.  Again another serving of fruit with it if I am extra hungry which I will admit, lately I usually have been.

Next is an afternoon snack.  Typically it is another Kind or Larabar but I have had dried fruit with nuts or Kashi Go Lean dry cereal with semi sweet chocolate chips mixed in (maybe 2 tablespoons).  If I have a bar, I usually will eat another apple with it.  I should add that I have another coffee at this time.

Dinner could be a salad, soup, grilled chicken with a high fiber carb and veggie.  Typically it is 4 ounces of grilled chicken but I will admit to increasing the amount of chicken to 5-6 ounces lately.  The carb is almost always brown rice, 3/4- 1 cup.  The veggies are honestly whatever frozen mixture is in the freezer, tonight it was corn.

At the end of the evening I usually have a big bowl of grapes.  Lately I have been going to bed slighly hungry.

I stated that I have been trying to pay extra attention to my protein intake because my workouts lately have been insane and I want to make sure I feed my body properly to keep my energy up and to help prevent illness and injury. 

My typical workout per week looks like this: I teach 5 spin classes a week (I only ride 4 of them) and I burn about 600 calories per heart monitor per class.  Next I teach a 30-45 kettlebell class that has clocked over 400 calories NOT counting the calorie burn for hours after this high intensity class.  My body is usually taxed after this workout and several times I get the "shakes" that means I have worked my body really hard.  I will be adding another kettlebell class so that will be another high calorie burning workout.  I teach 2 TRX classes but just demonstrate the movements in these classes.  My newest class is called Skilz and Drilz which will officially be called Plyo Power as soon as I get checked off on everything from the founder of the program.  I will have this process completed by Christmas.  I have not warn my hear rate monitor during this class yet but I estimate a 600-800 calorie burn easily.  I teach this for a half hour on Wednesday mornings with TRX and also during my group as well as with clients or maybe another seperate class.  It is usually 2x a week of 2 hours total.  This class is the precursor to Plyometrics and while it is not considered a Plyometric class, there is a lot of controlled jumping movements in it along with an equal amount of agility drills.  It is pretty much non stop for the instructor although the class does get short  breaks mixed in. 

I also add 2 days of weight training mixed in usually focusing on just back, chest, and shoulders maybe (they get hit hard in kettlebells).  My training partner is back and he insists we add triceps and biceps so lately that has been added back in.  I do not routinely do legs anymore and now that I do Skilz n Drilz, it has been advised that I do not do them at all anymore.

I also run 5-6 miles anywhere from 1-3 times a week at usually 9 minute mile pace, as a matter of fact, it is almost always 9:22 mile pace :)  So you can see with all my activity that I really have to pay attention to getting enough fuel in.  In all honesty I am very close to being over trained but I do listen to my body and will skip a run or weight workout if I feel I need to.

I do cheat frequently on the weekends and typically will eat pizza, nachos, candy, and yes, alcohol.  I still keep everything in moderation though.

My weight fluctuates between 123-128lbs and my body fat percentage is almost always 16% which is considered a healthy athletic percentage for a woman.

I hope this gives you all some insight and proves to you that I do eat normal foods and do not follow any crazy diet plans.   I also hope you realize that I do eat bread, do eat fruit and yet I remain lean. Guess what?  Tonight I actually ate corn too :)  Everything is in moderation and my diet during the week is generally considered "clean."  I do cheat, I do eat bad food but again it usually limited to just Fridays and Saturdays and it is in moderation.   Please note that my diet is probably higher in calories than what the normal person needs because of my activity.  Most people will need less calories.  Watch your portions and count your calories!  Thats it.  I tell my clients to eat this way and I as you can see, I practice what I preach.

Try to keep your diet clean at least 80% of the time and get your exercise in and you will be successful.


Corinne :)

9:30 pm est



Sunday, November 18, 2012

ECA/ Thrive


Hi guys,


I didn't get to post last weekend because I was away at a fitness conference in Florida.  I attended the ECA/ Thrive in Fort Lauderdale.  I absolutely love attending conferences because you get to meet some great people, learn from the top notch instructors/ trainers, and come home with a bunch of new material to use.  This trip was no exception! I was able to do some spinning with the great, ex pro bike racer, Josh Taylor; kettlebells with Paul Katami who also happens to have several DVDs; bootcamp tabatta which is a whole new program with the inventor of the gliding discs, Mindy Mylear; Core Strength with the founder of Plyo Power (the next cert I am looking at getting), Acea Theroux; Core training with fitness Pro, Abbie Appel.  The highlight of this trip though was doing internationally known and trainer to the pro athletes, Todd Durkin's bootcamp with 100 other personal trainers while standing next to one of my fitness idols, Acea Theroux!  It was absolutely amazing!  My brain has been on overdrive lately because of all the new workshops I have attended in the past month.  I started mid October with a weekend of Advanced/ Level 2 instructor training.  I absolutely love working with kettlebells because they provide strength, flexibility, and cardio all at the same time.  They also challenge you mentally because you really have to think about the movements to come.  As a matter of fact, Kettlebell Concepts teaches you Mind, Movement, and Muscle.  That is the order in which you work when you work with a kettlebell.  I was able to learn some new exercises to further challenge myself and my kettlebell accomplished clients.  Keep learning, keep growing.  I also learned how kettlebells can be used to enhance sports performance which was really eye opening.  Kettlebells, by being so challenging mentally, also help improve neuro pathways in the brain that help one with coordination and proprioception. 

Next, I attended Acea's Plyo Power workshop the first weekend in November.  I really love this workout because it can be done by anyone.  There are several different levels in the program which allow someone who is new to working out or has restrictions to work out alongside an athlete.  They both would be doing the same exact workout scaled to their ability level.  I think it is a terrific cardio and leg workout but most important, I think it is SAFE.  There are so many programs out there that seem to lose sight of keeping exercise safe and effective.  I have been active in the fitness industry for 28 years and my body is 100% without injury or surgeries.  I would like to make another 28 years the same way.  To me exercise should be about making you stronger and healthier, not getting injuries and needing to have surgery or rehab all for the sake of sport. 

Last weekend I had the plesure of bringing up my kettlebell workout and learning some new tweaks and tricks in general with training.  So I have had to spend the past week organizing and deciphering all the info in my head.  I feel that continued education is very important as the fitness indurstry is always evolving.  Here is my promise to my clients:  I promise to always stay current with the industry and to keep learning and growing.  I also will ensure that ALL programs taught at Body Revolution are taught by qualified trainers/ instructors that have been certified in what they are teaching.  That is extremely important to me.  I ask from my clients that they commit physically and mentally to their workouts and training sessions with me.  I understand that no one can be 100% physically at all times.  All I ask is that you give me your 100% that day during your workout.  Also realize that diet plays a huge role in your success.  It means you need to fuel your body properly at least 80% of the time.  I also would like my clients to get past what they don't like about their bodies and instead concentrate on what their bodies can DO. 

Okay so on that note, I just registered to attend the ECA/ OBOW fitness convention in New York City in February.  Keep learning, keep growing and keep MOVING!



9:51 pm est



Sunday, November 4, 2012

Busy Times!


Hi guys,


The fall tends to be a slower time of year in general at the gym.  The kids have gone back to school and families are still adjusting the schedules and homework.  Soccer, football, and cheerleading take up time on the weekends and cause classes to be quieter.  The focus of the holidays coming up shifts focuses to parties, families, traveling, and gift buying.  I take this time to further my education.  I recently attended Kettlebell Concepts Level 2/ Advanced instructor course.  The practical portion was passed and I am waiting for a good time to sit down and do the 1 hour online test.  Today I travelled to Billerica to attend a Plyo Power workshop.  The was the second time I was exposed to this training method and it reaffirmed what I thought the first time: it is a great workout that will challenge your leg muscles, cause you to sweat, and burn a ton of calories!  The founder and instructor, Acea Therroux, is one of my absolute favorite master instructors.  His knowledge and passion is unmatched.  I need to take an online test for this program and then submit a video recording of me teaching a small group.  Once I pass those two criteria, I can officially become an X-Factor athlete and market Plyo Power classes at Body Revolution.  My two other trainers, Lisa and Dawn, also attended the workshop so it would be a great program to be able to add to the surrounding towns of Raynham.  Plyo Power focuses on control, and efficiancy in movement patterns so that more power can be used in certain movements.  It differs from Plyometrics because it does not focus on how fast and long you can repeat a movement, but rather in how you can make the movement pattern more fluid and efficient.  It is a different mindset and I totally understand it.  I had also learned in my Advanced Kettlebell class to stop a movement once the movement became slow and inefficient so as not to train an athlete to move slow and inefficiently.  Plyo Power stresses the same thing.  Once the movement pattern becomes unorganized, you revert back to the fundamental movement to reinforce efficiency.  Two great programs stressing the same thing.

Next weekend I will be attending the ECA/Thrive fitness convention in Ft. Lauderdale.  I will be doing tons of Spinning, bootcamp classes, HIIT, Tabatta, as well as some more kettlebell workshops.  I always learn a ton at these conferences and am looking forward to it.

I am also seriously considering attending the ECA/ OBOW convention in NYC in February because there will be 10 different TRX suspension training and RIP training courses.  I am always looking to improve my knowledge and training.  I firmly believe that I need to keep learning and growing in this profession so that I may bring more and offer more to Body Revolutions' clients.

Have a great week and get out there and MOVE!


10:04 pm est



Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Week of Fall Challenge done!


Hi guys,


Tomorrow evening will be our second challenge weigh in.  Everyone has been working hard so I expect some good losses.  Of course this being the second week, the numbers tend to be a little smaller than the first week.  I am hoping that the challengers are getting into a groove as far as their diets and exercise routines go.  Next weekend we will be taking a trip to Martha's Vineyard as part of our "fun" weekend workout.  We will also be meeting on Saturday to make up for my absence this weekend while I was away at my Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor training.

Speaking of the training, I officially passed the practical portion and am awaiting to take the computer test when it is available.  Then I will be able to add this certification among my list of other certifications.  I am very proud of this one because there are very few, if any Level 2 Instructors in the area.  You see they do not offer the course that often and many times they need to cancel and reschedule due to low numbers for the class.  One of the girls that was taking it with me had waited 2 years to finally take the course!  Now you may see a lot of personal trainers utilizing kettlebells in their workouts with their clients.  Remember, even under a certified kettlebell instructors careful watch,  kettlebells have the potential to be very dangerous.  Always check for a separate certification in kettlebells before you train with kettlebells.  Only then can you be sure that proper form is being followed,  Doing any kettlebell exercise with an uncertified person can lead to injury as well as many bad habits that you will have to unlearn.

I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with so many excellent Master Trainers in their respective specialties.  This weekend I was able to learn from Kettlebell Concepts Master Instructor Vincent Metzo.  I was able to also pick up some things from owner of Move Fitness in Winthrop MA, Ron Merryman.  Ron has many articles published on exercise and the human anatomy.  To be able to pick up some tips from him was a bonus.  I look forward to continuing to learn from the absolute best in the industry!

Have a great week everyone and get out their and MOVE!



5:02 pm est



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spin-a-thon Sunday!


Hi guys,


What a busy weekend it has been!  First we sponsored the "Miles with the Mayor" 5k which took place yesterday in downtown Taunton.  We also had a booth in the Health and Fitness Fair.  I hope you all got a chance to stop by and see what we have to offer at Body Revolution.  Next we were asked to give a workout to some Karate black belt hopefuls as part of their black belt test.  So I gave them their own specially designed SPINtensity class.  I'm sure they had fun and have a new appreciation for kettlebells :)  Today was the Spin-a-thon to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.  We had a great turnout!  We had 90 spots available during the 3 hour fundraiser and we were able to fill 88 of those spots and raise $1,600 dollars!  That is pretty good for a small personal training and Spin facility!  I want to thank everyone that helped out whether it was bringing food and supplies, collecting money, or just giving more than the $5 per half hour time slot.  We also had some people stop in that were unable to stay and spin but wanted to contribute.  Also a huge thank you to Jeff Parham of Jett Jam Entertainment for getting up early and spinning the tunes for us :)  Everyone offerred their services for free including our awesome, best of the best spin instructors: Sara and Lisa!  Great job ladies!

Ok so now on to the busy week ahead.  The Fall Challenge will be starting next Saturday at 10am.  We may have a spot or two still open so if you are interested make sure you contact me asap!  The Challenge consits of 10 weeks of 4 group workouts a week.  We have a weekly weigh in on Monday evenings and we do some outings on Saturday mornings.  It is a cost effective way to get a lot of personal training for a little bit of money. The camaraderie in the group is great and the past results have been fantastic with the average percentage lost of 10%.  Now is the time to start focusing on you and start cleaning up those diets and get moving!  I am here to help so please take that first step and contact me.


Looking forward to seeing you all this week,

Corinne :)

4:28 pm est



Sunday, September 9, 2012

What is the BEST workout?


Hi guys,


I get asked frequently by people what the "best" workout is.  It seems a lot of people are looking for the one workout that is better than everything else out there.  My response to someone who is new to working out is "whatever you like to do."  If you like to swim, then swimming is the best workout.  Like to run?  Then run 4 days a week.  Like group exercise classes?  They can be great too.  There are 3 components of fitness that everyone needs: 1) you need something that is going to get your heart rate up, get you sweating, and make you work a little to breath and talk at the same time - you need CARDIO.  2) you need something that is going to challenge your muscles to grow, stay strong, and strengthen your bones- you need STRENGTH TRAINING.  3) you need something to keep those muscles and your tendons and ligaments pliable to help improve performance and prevent injury- you need FLEXIBILITY TRAINING.  That is it.  PERIOD.  Now there seems to be certain fitness groups out there that will try to have you believe that their way is the ONLY WAY.  There could be nothing further from the truth.  Just as we are individuals and have different likes and desires, there are different fitness routines to keep us happy, healthy, and strong.  There is simply not a BEST routine.  That would be like saying there is a BEST sport.  It simply isn't true and deep down inside we all know this.  Bottom line, do what you like and you are more likely to keep doing it.  Now, if you have been working out for awhile and want to "step it up" or take it to another level, I recommend that you try something new and preferably something that you may not care for.  Why?  Because we usually do not like to do something because we are not good at it or because it is not our strong point.  For years I disliked shoulder workouts because I was weak and they were hard.  I attacked my shoulders week after week with a vengence and  now they are no longer my "weak" point and one of my favorite things to work on. 

Usually we like to work on our strong points because they are easier for us.  If we spend more time on what is difficult for us or what we do not like to do, we will be a better rounded, healthier individual.

Let me point out again that there is no one BEST workout.  True fitness PROFESSIONALS understand this.  Instead of attacking and looking down on people that do not do their perceived "BEST" workout, we should be encouraging people to simply get moving.  We are in the midst of an obesity epidemic and anything that gets people moving is good.  Like to do group fitness classes, Zumba, or Curves?  Great job, keep at it!  Anything that gets people moving will help prevent the health issues that come from being overweight and means more money in all our wallets and less spent on medications to control those health issues.  So check your ego and start encouraging and supporting one another!

So what is new at Body Revolution this month?  We had beginner spin start back up this morning at 10:15.  If you have ever wanted to try a spin class but were nervous or intimidated then this is the perfect class to start with.  Learn how to correctly set up your bike.  Learn the positions, build endurance, and learn how to climb different grades of hills and do jumps correctly.  This is a scaled back class both in time and intensity and the perfect introduction to spin!  We have Flirty Girl fitness dancing moving to Monday nights at 6pm.  This class is similar to Zumba but without the Latin beats.  It uses contemporary, hit music and features moves broken down that anyone can do!  Guaranteed to be fun and get you sweating!  Next we have Pilates beginning this Tuesday at 9:15am and Wednesday at 9am.  Get your strength, balance, and flexibility training done all at once!  Iron Yoga moves to Wednesday at 7:30pm.  Clear your mind, strengthen your muscles, and improve your flexibility!

Saturday, September 22nd we will be at the Taunton Green sponsoring the "Miles with the Mayor 5k."  We will also have a table at the fitness and health expo immediately after the race.  Come down say hi and get some info regarding our classes, personal training, and the Fall Weightloss Challenge that will be starting.  Speaking of which, the Fall Challenge will be starting Saturday, September 29th.  10 weeks of 4 group workouts a week for the cost of 1 personal training session a week.  Plus the support and camaraderie of other challengers with the same goal.

Sunday, September 23rd, we will be hosting a Spin-a-thon to raise money for Juvenile/Type 1 Diabetes.  The cost will be $5 per half hour session.  We will have a live DJ courtesy of Jett Jam Entertainment and refereshments provided by Dunkin Donuts.  Please check out the Spin-a-thon tab at the top of the page for more info!

As you can see we have a very busy month ahead!  Please get in touch with me via the Contact Tab at the top of the page for any questions or come down to the 5k on September 22nd to meet us and get more info. 

Now get out there and MOVE!


Corinne :)

4:30 pm est



Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Love of Running


Hi guys,


I know it has been a long time since I published.  Between summer and the new gym, I have been preoccupied and busy.  All has settled down now so I will be back to writing weekly blogs.

I thought today in honor of the Falmouth Road Race and also since it was the 1 year anniversary of the Providence Rock n Roll half marathon that was my first half last year, I would write about how I came across this wonderful sport.  I remember as a child living in Brockton that my all time favorite game was tag.  That was back in the days when children could play outside safely and we did not have video games or computers to distract us.  I remember always wanting to play this game.  I think the fact that I was usually the winner had a lot to do with it.  It wasn't until my summer that I was 7 that I realized that I had some leg speed when running.  My grandfather's work always had a company picnic every summer for their employees and families.  They had a giant cookout and games for the kids.  I remember that summer that they had a sprint for the kids and the top 3 got ribbons.  Of course I wanted to try it!  I was always one to run and race other kids and the thought of winning a ribbon sealed the deal.  I lined up with the other kids varying in age from 6-12.  It was a short sprint I remember, maybe 50 yards.  It also took place in a field on the grass.  The guy yelled "ready, set, go" and off I flew.  I won that race that day and proudly took home the blue ribbon.  I remember hanging it in my room.  It was at this point that I realized I might actually be good at running and racing.  That was the summer that I started running.  I ran without having to play the game of tag.  My parents had recently moved to a new house in Taunton and in the very back part of the yard, the builders had cleared a giant hill to harvest the loam to sell.  With the hill removed, all that was left was a giant expanse of sand that my family would call "the pit."  It was there that I would run in giant circles in the soft sand.  My grandmother would often question why I was running in circles "like a cow."  All I knew was that I loved to run and loved the feeling of breathing and moving.  I spent the rest of the summer running circles in the pit. 

As I got older, my mother would get into running as a way to lose and maintain her weight.  She would ask me if I wanted to join her.  I was 12 or 13 and running 4 miles alongside my mom.  I loved how I felt after that run.  I continued to run that 4 mile loop off and on throughout middle school.  Sometimes I ran with my mom, sometimes I ran alone.  I loved how I felt after and how toned my legs got and yes I did lose some of the weight that accompanies early puberty.  I was hooked.

When I went into high school, I was looking to fit in and belong just like all the other kids.  I remember in gym that we got to choose what we wanted to do.  Most of the girls picked tennis.  I picked running around the outside track.  My gym teachers made the comment the first class that I was a good runner and a natural and that I should go out for track.  Track?  I didn't realize that they actually had a sport that would allow me to do what I loved.  I asked my parents if I could try out for the track team that night.  Of course they said yes.  Track try outs happened shortly thereafter, and I was there.  I  had a rude awakening, my speed was nowhere as fast as some of the older girls!  It didn't matter, I still loved it and tried out.  I made the team as a freshman and was delegated to distance.  The first practices were interesting as I was not in as good shape as the other girls that had just finished the cross country season.  My first race was the mile and I will never forget it.  I came in next to last but loved it!  The poor girl who came in last was my team mate and promptly threw up after the race.  From there I ran everyday.  I didn't even take Sundays off which we given off as a recovery day.  Slowly but surely my times improved and I found myself winning the races I was put in.  I ran everything from the 400 relay to the 2 mile.  The mile was my favorite back then.  By my sophomore year, I was running sub 6 minute miles after a ton of hard work and mental toughness.  I ran my fastest 1 mile that summer at Brown University.  My time was 5:24.  I had a great summer running road races for the Silver City Striders which my high school coach ran.  Unfortunately, it was my junior year that I discovered boys and friends and my focus shifted.  I had a tough year and began to dread track meets.  I stopped running for the school my senior year but continued to run on my own "just for fun."  I continued to run off and on, mostly on, through my college years.

After college, I took a full time night job in Providence at a children's hospital.  The night shift was tough on my body and running fell by the wayside as getting enough sleep became a priority.  I got married, bought a house, and started having children.  I ran off and on, mostly off, throughout these years.  I remember trying to run 3 miles and it being extremely difficult.  I joined a gym and started taking classes.  Step classes were big back then and I used to do 5-6 classes a week.  When I couldn't make class, I would run on the treadmill.  Some of the members at the gym were avid runners and would run together.  I remember them inviting me to run with them one day.  After some courage, I decided to join them.  I ran with them 3 or 4 times a week and continued to do step on the other days.  Eventually I found that I was running more than I was taking class.  I was 29 years old then and running took its place at the front of my interests again.  I ran some road races again and found that while I was no where near as fast, I was still okay.  I placed in some of those races and won some trophies.  Those trophies are still on display at my gym :)  I stopped racing but continued running.  I have run almost consistently since that time.

I now teach 5 spin classes a week and often work 13 hour days.  It is a chore to schedule runs in but I do it as much as I can.  I like to sign up for races again because it gives me something to focus on and a goal to keep my running up.  I have found that spinning has helped my running immensely.  My new favorite distance to race is the half marathon.  It takes a lot of preparation and training to run a half but not so much that my life has to get put on hold.  I love the mental toughness it takes to finish the race. 

As a personal trainer now, I now know how important certain things are to run well and stay healthy.  The correct sneaker is number one and I highly recommend Marathon Sports in the Boston area for getting fit for the proper shoe.  I also have come to realize that general strength training and stretching a vital to staying healthy.  Runners in particular, have lopsided strength in their legs.  Running is a very quad dominant sport and weak hamstrings and glutes are common.  Injuries to the knees and IT band are common and can be alleviated by strengthening the muscles that surrond these areas so that no one muscle group is dominant.  I have had great success helping others overcome injuries and prevent injuries.  The core and upper body is also paramount in being a good runner.  Most people do not realize how important general strength is and a lot of runners avoid the weight room so that they do not get "bulky" and slow down their times.  They could not be so wrong and misinformed. 

There are also techniques and strategies that I have learned in high school that can be used to get one faster and more prepared for a race.  Surprisingly, I have found most people, even those that run and race regularly, do not know them.  I am always available to consult with to help one improve.

Happy running everyone that enjoys the sport and let me know if I can be of any assistance to you to help you improve or enjoy the sport more.


Corinne :)  

11:26 am est



Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Fun and Overtraining


Hi guys,


I can't believe how quickly the summer is going by!  This is my favorite time of year because of the extra daylight that we get and the weather that lets us get outside to enjoy it more.  We are having an outstanding summer here in the Northeast!  We have had beautiful weather just about every weekend.  That means more time to run, bike, rollerblade, walk etc.  All this extra weather can come with a downfall to some though.  It is very important to remember to take a rest day each week or active recovery day.  An active recovery day is a day that one can still do something physically active that is not too taxing on the body, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  The body gets stronger when it is recovering from a workout so more is not always better.  An example of an active recovery day would be taking an easy walk with a friend or pet, a friendly game of tennis, or a leisurely bike ride.  It still gets you out of the house and moving but does not cause further strain on the body.  If one does not give the body a chance to recover and repair itself, injury will eventually happen. So make sure to include a recovery or rest day in your workout routine.

Have a great week and see you all soon! 


8:26 pm est



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Challenge Underway!


Hi guys,


We didn't waste any time getting started with the Summer Bootcamp/ Challenge!  We have a total of 9 this time around with the potential of going up to 10 this week.  We are also in the process of getting everything settled at the new space.  All the equipment has been moved.  All that remains is doing the finishing touches to it.  I hope to be up and running at 100% in the next week.  I thank everyone for their patience in the meantime.

This coming weekend I will be attending a workshop by Kettlebell Concepts and taking the advanced/ level 2 Instructor course.  I have been using kettlebells regularly since I became a level 1 instructor in January and am amazed at what an efficient, complete workout you can get in 30 minutes using kettlebells!  The next level will focus on neurological and metabolic adaptations and will also have some sports applications.  I am really excited and looking forward to learning more!  I also will be doing a TRX rip trainer course in September in Connecticut and am going to the ECA/Thrive fitness conference in November in Ft Lauderdale.  I am a firm believer in always keeping up to date on the newest concepts and learning more.  Fitness is not an exact science and is always evolving.

I also registered for the Cape Cod half marathon in October.  I need another personal goal to concentrate on and by signing up for another half it will make me get my running in.  I also happen to love the cape and the fall should be a great time to run a half.  Training throughtout the summer means longer days to get my runs in and the heat and humidity help me get into even better condition.  Running in the cool, fall weather always seems easier.  Add the fall foliage and you can't beat it!

Since it is the Fourth of July Wednesday and there are not classes, I decided to add an extra kettlebell class this Thursday only at 10am.  It will be included in the monthly package but is also open to anyone for a $10 drop in fee.

Have a great holiday and see you all soon!


7:08 pm est



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spring Challenge Done!


Hi guys,


Another challenge is done.  We had such a great group for this challenge and I will miss it.  They worked hard, never really complained, and had great attendance for the most part.  The spring challenge is always super tough because you have Memorial Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and numerous graduations, weddings, dance recitals etc.  It's tough to stay focused on the diet part and can be tough to get in for workouts.  I am proud to say that most that had to miss a workout this particular challenge came in earlier in the day or did their own thing. 

I am doing something a little different for the summer.  I will be running a challenge but it will be more of a Weight Loss Bootcamp that anyone wishing to lose weight and/ or work hard can do.  It will start tomorrow, June 25th at 6pm.  If you are interested in doing this, come down to the gym and we will get started.  It is a 10 week program that will run until September 7th and we will meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday evenings.  The total cost will be $360.  Everyone is welcome and I hope to see some old and new faces!

We had our end of challenge 5k yesterday morning.  It was a little tough because the sun came out after the showers and the humidity and temperature skyrocketed.  Everyone did well though.  We had one personal record set by Ron.  He knocked 9+ minutes off of his last 5k even though he took a wrong turn and went about 4 minutes in the wrong direction until a race volunteer steered him back on track.  We did the Community Care 5k which started at the Columbia Cultural Center in the Myles Standish Industrial Park,  It was a really nice little race.  They had the radio station Fun 107 there, raffles, pizza, Del's lemonade, and even had hair cuts for charity.  It was definately one of the nicest 5ks we have done and I plan on coming back next year.

The new gym is coming along.  The spin room is just awaiting the finishing coat on the floor and the lights and fans will be hung.  The showers are in and the bathrooms will be getting new flooring and painted this week.  The TRX wall is ready for the multimounts to be installed, the rug will be getting cleaned, and the finishing touches will be getting done in the yoga/ pilates room.  We are working around the clock to get everything ready so that we will be in the new space next weekend.  More new Spinner NXT bikes are being ordered along with 3 brand new Star Trac treadmills.  TRX rip trainers will also be getting ordered so that I may add some variety to my bootcamps and SPINtensity class.  Stay tuned, I will be announcing an Open House soon.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy the beautiful weather!



5:12 pm est



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day


Hi guys!


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  We are definately in a beautiful stretch of weather which means more time spent outdoors.  Why not try a new activity like biking, blading, hiking, kayaking, or anything else you can find.  I had a client that recently tried paddle boarding and really loved it!  This is a perfect time to get out there and do something new! 

Last weekend the Spring Challengers and I ventured to Martha's Vineyard and biked around the island.  We have also been spending a great deal of time at the Canal biking.  Next weekend we have our challenge 5k which will be the Community Care 5k which will be taking place at the Columbia Cultural Center next Saturday.  This also happens to be the last day of the Spring Challenge.  This challenge is always tough because you have Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, graduations etc that make it difficult to follow an eating plan.  Plus it makes it tough to schedule and plan for workouts.  That is what it takes to be successful though: planning and scheduling.  Take advantage of the longer days and get up a half hour earlier to get a run or walk in or do something after dinner.

I am currently planning on doing a Weight Loss Bootcamp over the summer.  It will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6pm.  The total cost of the program will be $360.  It will Start Monday June 25th so please get in touch with me ASAP if you are interested. It will run for 10 weeks and finish September 7th.  It's a great way to get in shape, tone up, lose some weight, and get fitter over the summer.  Plus you can enjoy the camaraderie of others with the same goal and you get small group training at an affordable price.


Update on our new gym:


The entire gym is painted and the spin room walls are up and getting ready to be painted.  The spin floor will be getting prepped this week and the showers are getting installed tomorrow.  Carpets will be cleaned sometime this week and equipment will be getting ordered.  We will be ordering 3-4 new top of the line Spinner NXT bikes and some Star Trac treadmills.  Another TRX multimount will be getting ordered as well as 5 more TRX Rip trainers.  The tanning beds will be in and new bulbs will be ordered.  The yoga/ pilates room is complete and is just looking for some finishing touches.  We will be adding several new yoga and pilates classes.  Be sure to check the schedule page to stay updated.  Also be sure to like Body Revolution on Facebook as that page is updated more frequently.


Have a great week!


9:21 pm est

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buyer Beware!


Hi guys,



I haven't posted anything in a while because I have been busy with renovations to the new space we will be moving to July 1st.  The yoga/ pilates room is painted and the floor is in.  The decorations are half done.  It is a beautiful, tranquil place and I cannot wait to add this service to my gym on a regular basis.  We are also looking at adding a fusion Pilates/ TRX class....stay tuned!  The painting is coming along.  Body Revolution's signature red paint is up on some of the walls.  More painting and carpet cleaning will be getting done.  We will also be constructing a new, larger spinning room.  I am planning on adding one big enough to accomadate 20 bikes eventually.  I will also be adding another TRX multimount and straps.  This will allow me the option of having classes exclusively on the straps as well as fusion TRX classes that I pretty much have had to have every week because of the large classes.  The plumber has been down and the plans for 2 showers are done.  Everything is coming together well.  I am looking forward to sharing everything with you guys! :)  I will have so much more room to do even more different type of workouts that are new and innovative.

I thought that I needed to mention again about the importance of checking for the appropriate credentials when finding someone or someplace to workout.  There are so many schemes out there that have only one objective: that is to promise you what ever you want to hear and get your money.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  There are no shortcuts to getting healthy and fit.  You need safe, progressive exercise that includes strength training, cardio, and flexibility.  You also need a healthy diet.  The best diet is one that includes whole, natural foods in their natural states.  Supplements are only meant to be just that, a supplement that you use in a pinch.  You should never replace whole foods with supplements on a regular basis.  They will never be able to provide you with what nature can.  If you are worried about getting all your nutrients and feel you need to supplement, PLEASE consult with your physician or registered dietitian.  They are the professionals in the dietary department.  If you feel you need some guidance in the fitness department then do the same thing: consult with a NATIONALLY CERTIFIED personal trainer.  They carry the appropriate education and skill to be able to give anyone a fitness program that they can follow or help you get to your goal safely.  Everyone has different starting points in their fitness levels.  Some have weakness that make them more prone to injury.  Some have pre-existing conditions that they need to be careful with and work around.  I read a statement recently in an ACE journal.  It stated that the majority of adults have a pre-existing rotator cuff, spinal disc degenerative disease, and/ or knee meniscal issues.  By working with a good, qualified trainer, most adults will never be aware that they have a condition.  Remember, this is your body and it deserves the best.  Always check for certifications, insurance, and get references. 

Have a great holiday weekend and remember to get out there and do something!



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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!


Hi guys,


We are heading into our 4th week weigh in.  This challenge has been so much fun!  We have been able to get outside more and this particular group of challengers are very motivated.  We headed down to the canal this morning for a bike ride.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining and it was warm with only a slight breeze.  You coudn't have asked for a better day.

I did not get a chance to post a blog last week because I was waiting to finalize something and wanted to make an official announcement.  I am very happy and proud to announce that in exactly 1 year of Body Revolution being opened, we will be enlarging and moving to a bigger space!  We will be staying in the same plaza, just moving down a couple doors.  We will be building a much bigger spinning room and adding more bikes.  The spin classes, in particular the morning spin and Tuesday evening spin, have been waitlisted 5 deep at times.  This will help alleviate this problem.  We will also be adding another TRX multimount with more straps.  We will be adding a dedicated pilates/ yoga studio, tanning, massage by appointment, showers, an early morning bootcamp, and have 2 additional certified personal trainers available to take on new clients.  I am so excited and honored to be able to do this and give more to the clients.  I will also be getting more treadmills and TRX Rip trainers.  I wanted to thank everyone that has supported me and believed in my vision.  I have a ton of new ideas that I want to add that are innovative and fresh.  I am hoping to announce a grand opening in the new space on July 1st.  Stay tuned!

I hope you all have a great weekend and mother's day.  Make sure to get outside this beautiful weekend and get active and enjoy this weather!


See you soon,


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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Show Done!


Hi guys,


We had quite the busy week last week!  Flirty Girl Fitness Instructor, Allie Parham, competed in her first show ever and did great!  It was a huge field of approx 120 girls.  While Allie did not place in the top 5, the website did choose a pic of her to put on their website.  Great job Allie!  I am so proud of you and am looking forward to your continued growth!  At only 23 years of age, she has several more years of competing ahead of her!

We also finished our week 2 of workouts and will be having our week 2 weigh in tomorrow evening.  This group of challengers is definately dedicated and hard working.  Everyone has been doing their best and I have no doubt that we will have a super successful challenge!  I had to miss the group workouts on Friday and Saturday because of the fitness show but am looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow evening with the challengers. 

I thought I would write a small blog on knee issues/ injuries.  I have several new clients that have started with me recently that have knee pain with any high impact activity and another that has pain with squatting and lunging.  I also ran into another cycling instructor through another large gym that had knee surgery.  Knee issues are so rampart in so many people for so many different reasons.  I have had the opportunity to work with many different clients with different knee issues.  I have helped many rehab from scopes and surgeries and have helped many prevent surgery and/ or get ready for knee replacements.  There are so many people that have misinformation regarding knee pain.  Most knee pain in people that do not have a known injury are the result of weak quadricep, hamstring, or abductor/ adductor muscles.  Excess weight is also a big contributor.  I love working with knee issues because I know that with the proper exercises, knee pain can be reduced or eliminated completely.  Spinning can also help tremendously because of the strengthening of the leg muscles that are used in spinning.  Of course an improperly fitted bike or bad form on the bike can make knee issues worse.  Always make sure you go to a reputable SPIN certified facility if you are looking to add spin to strengthen your legs.  Spinning will also strengthen your heart, lungs, and burn a ton of calories while providing a low impact, joint friendly workout. 

Hope to see you all this week.  Get out there and get active!



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Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Week Done!


Hi guys,


We have finished our first week of the Spring Challenge.  We have a great group and I really feel we will have a terrific challenge!  We also have some great personalities in this group and I am enjoying every minute with them!  Tomorrow night is our week 1 weigh in.  The first week historically pulls big losses and everyone has worked hard so I expect some big numbers.  This particular group seems really committed and ready to change their lives.  We finished a week of great workouts and spent Saturday morning hiking in Massasoit State Park.  As I have told the challengers, I want to spend Saturday morning workouts away from the gym and not touch a weight.  I really think we are off to a great start!

Today Body Revolution's other personal trainer, Lisa, spent the day getting spin certified by Mad Dogg Athletics.  She is a fantastic trainer and has been a regular spinner since the summer and I am looking forward to having her teach some classes.  Since she is also a certified personal trainer, she will be able to cover some SPINtensity classes when I am away.

Next Saturday is my client and Flirty Girl instructor, Allie Parham's debut In the Fitness Universe Bikini Pageant.  She has been working incredibly hard and I am sure she will do just fine!  This is a really big fitness show and is televised on ESPN. 

I myself have resummed studying for my next certification: ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management.  I am a firm believer in always learning and bettering yourself!  There is a ton of stuff to have to know before I take the test and I plan on giving myself the recommended 4-6 months to master everything. 

Have a great week everyone and see you all soon!


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let's Get Started!


Hi guys.


We started our Spring Challenge Saturday.  We did our 'before' pics and did our initial weigh in.  Then it was off to Massasoit State Park to get started immediately.  We did a 5k run/ walk.  We will be meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6pm and at 10am on Saturdays.  The group will also be meeting with my running coach, Sandy, on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings to prepare for our 5k which will take place in June.  I haven't decided which one we will be doing just yet.  I must say that we have a very motivated bunch and I did not hear the words "I can't" once on Saturday.  All I ask is that each challenger work to the best of their ability.  Some are not as graceful, some have never worked out before, some have never picked up a weight but as long as they put in the effort and try, they will have success.  I'm super excited to do this challenge and help some people change their lives.

Body Revolution also hosted a Spinning Instructor workshop today and we had a full house with 11 new instructors getting certified.   Congrats guys!  I wish you all the best in your new endeavor.  Lisa, my other trainer, will be going next weekend to get certified.  I know she will kick butt as a spin instructor and am looking forward to her getting started!

Good luck to everyone running in the Boston Marathon and remember to hydrate because we are heading for a very warm day.  Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are extremely dangerous so make sure to take it easy out there and get those fluids in!  Special shout out to Trina who is running in her second Boston Marathon....kick some butt and do us proud!

See you all this week :)


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Sunday, April 8, 2012

And the Winner is...


Hi guys,



It's been a while since I published a blog.  I have been away on vacation and have been swamped before I left and since I got back.  The winner of the Winter Challenge was Casey Medas!  He did a phenomenal job losing 52.2 lbs in just 10 weeks!  He lost 18.54% of his body weight and became the first guy to ever win a challenge.  He also never had a weight gain throughout the challenge and did not miss any of the workouts during the week.  He also shared with us that he is now able to buy clothes off the rack in a regular store.  Congrats Casey on all your accomplishments!  Second place went to Maureen Ross.  This lady started the challenge with a pre existing, new injury and was still able to rock the weight loss!  Great job lady!  Everyone pulled terrific losses the last, short week.  Congrats guys!  We had a great group of challengers and I already miss them all!  Of course, several will be returning for the Spring Challenge.  I love running the spring challenge because the days are longer and the temperatures are warmer so that means more outdoor workouts.  I plan on doing a lot of hiking, biking, roller blading, and bootcamps with them.  I also just acquired 20 new TRX Force Kit suspension straps which are military grade that we will be bringing with us to the park for bootcamps.  If you have not had the opportunity to try TRX suspension training then you are missing out on a terrrific, full body butt kicking!  I currently teach 2 TRX classes now.  Check out the sign up page for days and times.  I will also be ordering some more TRX Rip Trainers.  These are also portable and I plan to bring these outside and hook them up to the chain link fence behind the gym.  I will use them during some of my TRX classes, during my challenge, and also during SPINtensity.  The TRX Rip Trainer is great for rotational movement patterns that challenge the core and also for explosive power.  They will be a terrrific addition to Body Revolution for sports specific training as well as general training. 

Also, Zak Swain, one of the camera guys during the challenges, will be coming back to Body Revolution to film an upcoming SPINtensity class.  I am so excited because this is my signature class and I am looking at possibly making a commercial with it... stay tuned!  I plan on pushing the envelope like I have not done before for this workout!

Next weekend we will be hosting a Spinning Instructor Orientation through Mad Dogg Athletics.  In order to teach in a Spin facility, you need to take this course through them.  My new trainer, Lisa, will be getting certified.  This young lady is a super tough cookie and I can't wait until she is certified and gets a couple of classes under her out!  She will join myself, Michael, and Sara as Body Revolution spin instructors.  By the way, if you have not taken one of Sara's spin classes, I highly recommend that you do.  She is one of the toughest spin instructors in the area and will definitely kick your butt!

Lastly, Flirty Girl instructor, Allie Parham, will be competing the last weekend in April at Foxwoods in the Fitness Universe Pagaent.  This is her very first show and she will be competing in the Bikini division.  She is very young at 23 years of age but has TONS of potential to grow in the fitness industry!  She has been training with me for a year now to get ready for this show and is now undergoing posing coaching with the best in the industry, Cathy Savage.  Look out!

That's it for now.  Have a great week and see you soon!


Corinne :)

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Last Week of Winter Challenge!

Hi guys,


We are in the home stretch of the challenge.  The end is in sight and we all have mixed feelings regarding the challenge ending.  While it will be nice to have a break from the structure of the workouts and running and watching every morsel of food that is consumed, the challengers will also feel uneasy about being able to follow through on their own after the challenge is done.  Guys, you know what you have to do: keep up with your workouts and make the same wise food choices you have been doing the past 9 weeks.  Do something active every day for at least 45 minutes that gets your heart rate up there and makes you sweat!  Keep those diets tight and only allow one splurge meal a week.  Keep everything in moderation!  You have done the work.  Keep moving forward.  Do not let one bad food choice turn into a whole day of bad food choices and then whole weeks of bad food choices.  If you fall off, make sure to get right back into that healthy eating pattern again.  We are all human and we will all have slip ups.  If someone tells you that they never have to watch what they eat or that it is easy, do NOT believe them!  Everyone struggles with food choices at one point or another!  Trainers do too.  It is never easy!

Since I have been doing this challenge for 2 years now and have seen people struggle with staying with the healthy eating habits and exercise patterns, I had to ask my running coach, Sandy, what exactly it was that made the challenge and it's permanent lifestyle change finally stick with her.  She started with me just over 2 years ago and has lost a total of 100 lbs.  She is one of the few that keeps her weight consistent and doesn't fluctuate between challenges.  I am always trying to learn everything I can in order to help people make permanent lifestyle changes.  Her response to me was that she made it a priority to get her workouts in.  Where in the past she would go camping every weekend and indulge, she now only goes maybe 2 weekends total.  She has replaced looking forward to camping and the indulgences that come with it, to looking towards half marathons and other active events.  Now remember that Sandy did not start doing the challenges being a runner, she weighed over 200 lbs and had a very difficult time in the beginning with the running.  She stuck with it and eventually learned to enjoy running and how it made her feel AFTER she was done running.  I also asked her about the food part.  While she struggles at times just like everyone does, she stated the same thing that most people that do not have weight issues will tell you.  If you gain just a few pounds you feel uncomfortable and will start reigning in that diet to get back to that more comfortable weight.  I can't help but feel that by learning more about what made everything click for her, that I may learn something that may help my future challengers.  It is such a struggle for some people.  I have a few challengers that will be going out on their own when the challenge ends.  I truly wish them continued success and want them to know they can always stop in for help if they need it.

Today we had our challenge 5k.  We did the Francis Farm 5k in Rehobeth.  Everyone did such a great job!  Nancy and Mikey led the group with decent runs of 36 minutes and change.  I stayed with Beth who wanted to break 40 minutes.  She did it in an awesome time of 37:30!  Yeah Beth!  The next group was Maureen R, Maureen G, Lisa, and Casey who finished in 46 minutes and change.  Great job guys!  Finally Ron, finished the race beside his brother and the challengers that went back to get him and finish it with him.  It was quite emotional at the end of the race when his brother (who also happens to be a personal trainer) gave him a hug.  Ron NEVER complains, NEVER gives up, and does everything I ask him to.  He is a true inspiration to everyone that does the challenge.  He is not the youngest challenger and is also not the lightest.  Yet he always does the best that he can.  Ron you are a rockstar! xoxo

I will be taking a mini vacation next week and will be recharging in order to get ready for the Spring Challenge.  I love having the longer days and warmer temps and am looking forward to being able to do more outside of the gym.  We have a great group already signed up and have only 2 spots left.  If you are interested, please contact me asap!  If you have been following the current challenge and do not think you could do it, I assure you that you CAN.  Stop reading about everyone else's success and get down here and make it happen for YOU!

Have a great week and see you all soon.


Corinne :)

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Bedford Half Marathon...DONE!


Hi guys,


I hope you all had a chance to get out there and do something active this weekend!  What a gorgeous stretch of weather we are in!  I, along with my Yoga instructor Ann, ran the New Bedford Half Marathon this morning.  This was my first time running the New Bedford and Ann's second.  You couldn't have asked for a better day for it!  The temps were in the 50s to 60 and the sun was shining.  There was just a mild breeze coming off the water while we ran along the shore.  The crowd was large and loud.  The course was not bad except for the hill from mile 12 to what seemed like almost the end.  There was another significant hill at mile 3 on Hathaway Road but being a strong hill runner, it didn't slow me down.  There were also some rolling hills sprinkled in and some down hills.  Again I am going to credit my 4 spin classes a week for helping me get my legs strong for not only the up hill sections but also the down hill sections.  I had a really good run up until mile 8 when I just wanted the race to be over.  Ann said the same thing, around mile 9 she was asking herself why she does this to herself.  Again this would clearly fall under my definition of "Fun:"  it sounded like a good idea at the time but then requires great physical and emotional effort to complete!  Anyone who knows me knows that I love having goals and adventures to focus on.  I am so excited that I ran this race well under my goal of breaking 2 hours.  My official time was 1:49.53.  I credit a great day and crowd and being able to get in more running training for this race.  My average mile pace was 8:24 and I really don't think I could have pushed the pace anymore except on the tough hill at mile 12. 

So what does the rest of this month bring?  Next weekend is the Francis Farm 5k in Rehobeth that the Winter Challengers will be doing as we wrap up a great challenge.  It is Sunday at 10am.  The challenge will be finishing up on Thursday, March 29th and it will be televised live on TCAM TV at 9pm.  I will be taking a 5 day vacation in Florida the beginning of April and then will be back to start the Spring Challenge Saturday, April 14th.  I only have one spot remaining for the Spring Challenge so if you are interested contact me asap!  The end of April I will be attending the Fitness Universe Pageant in Foxwoods to cheer on my client and Flirty Girl instructor, Allie Parham.  She will be competing in the Bikini division.  This is her first show and she has a terrific future ahead of her! 

I also have some plans underway to bring even more to Body Revolution that I will announce when everything is officially finalized....stay tuned!

Have a great week and see you all soon!



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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yeah Spring!


Hi guys,


What a great weekend!  I hope you all got outside to enjoy it!  I heard on the news this morning that today was going to be the coolest day of the month of March.  It is suppose to be 60+ degrees all week.  That has me thinking about roller blading but it will have to wait a couple of weeks because the New Bedford Half Marathon is next Sunday!  I can't believe how quickly it came!  I got in just over 5 miles this morning.  I will keep my mileage no greater than that until the half is over.  I also will be taking my intensity down in spin this week when I am teaching.  That doesn't mean that the class will be easy, just that I will scale back on my hills and sprints.  I am running this race along with my Yoga instructor, Ann Brock.  I know we will do great and have a great time!  We got this Ann!

Tomorrow my challenge group will be doing another "challenge" workout.  I have plastic mini eggs, ropes, cones, and balls that we will be playing outdoors with!  It will also be our week 7 weigh in.  Typically this is the toughest weigh in.  The challengers are tired and can't yet see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Stay with me guys!  Only 2 1/2 weeks left!  Our live finale and final weigh in will be Thursday, March 29th.  It will be on TCAM TV at 9pm which is channel 15 or 22.

I also have started registration for the Spring Challenge which will begin Saturday, April 14th at 10am.  The days, times, and format will be the same as the Winter Challenge.  Please check out the "Coming Soon" tab for more info or send me an email under the "Contact Me" tab.

Now that the days are longer, there is no excuse to not get a workout in after work.  Take advantage of the extra hour of daylight and get out there and do something!  Play with your kids, walk your dog, or get that after work run in!

Have a great night and see you all this week!


8:00 pm est



Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome March!


Hi guys,


I can't believe we only have 3 1/2 weeks left in this challenge!  We have some really great numbers to show for it too!  Check the Winter Challenge results tab to keep up to date on the results!

Speaking of being over half way through the Winter Challenge, I am beginning to plan the Spring Challenge which will begin on Saturday April 14th and will go until Saturday June 23rd.  While I love and enjoy each challenge, I find the Winter Challenge to be the most difficult to plan variety for because of the short days and cool temperatures.  That takes away many of the outdoor activities and workouts that we can do in the warmer months.  I am really looking forward to the days getting longer and being able to get our runs and walks in outside.  Of course the outdoor excursions are fun too!  Make no mistake though, the Winter Challenge does provide great numbers with the weight losses even with our being stuck indoors!  I have limitted spots available for the Spring Challenge and a lot of interest so if you are thinking about participating, please get in touch with me asap before the spots fill!

It has been one full month now running TRX suspension training classes and I must say the interest in the classes has been great and growing!  My comfort level running the class has grown tremendously and the classes have been getting more diverse, challenging, and fun!  If you have not tried out a class yet, what are you waiting for?!  It is a great, full body workout that will leave you soaked in sweat. 

Today was my last long run in preparation for the New Bedford half marathon which happens to be exactly 3 weeks from today.  I will be running a shorter distance next week and then just coasting with short, easy runs the week before the half.  I will scale down my intensity while teaching spin classes the week before the half too.  I am hoping to break 2 hours this time.  I ran an even 2 hours in the Providence Rock n Roll half back in August so I am hoping to better that time.  My strategy is to go out comfortable and then pick it up the second half of the race.  I have been running a pace anywhere from 9:11 to 9:22 per mile in my long runs.  I have been running easy and really think I will have some extra gas in the tank to push the last few miles. 

I am looking to put together a 6 person team to run the 100 on 100 mile relay in Vermont this August.  I have 4 committed runners and am looking for 2 more.  If anyone is interested please contact me.  It should be "fun!"

Okay, so I have been looking at adding some new things at Body Revolution.  I am still in the planning phase but if and when it does happen, super exciting things are on the horizon!  I will keep you updated as soon as things are finalized!  Fingers crossed!

See you all soon,



7:10 pm est



Sunday, February 26, 2012

Almost Halfway There!


Hi guys,


We have our week 5 weigh in tomorrow.  I was just watching episode 3 of  'Losing It'  that featured the 'Rock the Clock Challenge.'  I absolutely loved the determintation and effort everyone showed during this challenge.  While you guys certainly work hard every workout, this particular workout really brought out the absolute best in everyone!  I will have to come up with more challenges like this! 

We are also coming off school vacation week.  There were several challenges that had work and/ or family comittments this past week.  I am looking forward to everyone getting back into the workout groove this week.

I had my second to last long run this morning to get ready for the New Bedford Half Marathon which takes place in exactly 3 weeks, March 18th.  I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather.  I was not looking forward to going out and clocking a 10 mile run with a queasy stomach and headache.  So instead I made a deal with myself: I would go out and run my usual, well- liked 5 1/2 mile route and then head back out and do my shorter 4 1/2 mile loop that I find easy if I was feeling up to it.  Well, sure enough, once I got going I found that I was starting to feel better and was able to do my initially planned 10+ miles.  I always tell the challengers that even if they are feeling under the weather to show up to the gym anyway.  They can always just walk for a half hour on the treadmill.  Usually once you get going, you will find that you feel better and can do a little more. 

Hopefully after a good nights sleep I will be back up to full speed.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to sharing a Plyo Power workout with the challengers that will air on TCAM TV the following Thursday evening.  It is a terrific, lower body cardio workout that will torch tons of calories while toning the lower body.  I will mix it up though and throw in some upper body strength intervals too.

Have a great night and see you all tomorrow!


8:44 pm est



Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Presidents' Day!


Hi guys,


I hope you all were able to get outside this weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was an amazing weekend for February!  I enjoyed a group workout with the challengers at the Cape Cod Canal Saturday and a nice, long run Sunday morning. 

A lot of the challengers are away this week on vacation with their families.  I sure hope they remember the committment they made with themselve the beginning of the challenge and are getting in their activity and watching their diets!

I was able to get in over 9 1/2 miles this morning on the road.  I am feeling good and hoping that the weather cooperates the next few weeks.  The half is in 4 weeks.  My plan is to increase my long run the next few weeks to 12 miles and rest with a shorter run the Sunday before the half.  This week will be difficult to get a couple more days in on the road because it is school vacation week and I will have several clients moving their training sessions around.  The challenge has been getting my runs in during the week.  My goal for this half marathon is to hopefully better my time of 2 hours and 56 seconds.  I have been able to run a little bit more this time around.  I am thinking that if I start in the correct corral in this race and keep the pace at what I have been training at, I should be able to do that.  Wish me luck!

So I thought that I would write a little bit about diet and nutrition today.  It is not within the scope of personal training to give nutrition advice however, because I am also a Registered Nurse, I have the ability to counsel people on what makes up a healthy diet.  I have noticed a new "diet" that is now becomming popular.  One of my clients came in to the gym last week talking all about it.  The newest fad is a wheat free diet.  This makes me laugh because there are diet and marketing schemes all around us trying to give us a reason as to why the general population is getting bigger and bigger.  First they blamed it on fat and low fat diets became the rage.  However, it soon became evident that a lot of "low fat" packaged products cut fat but increased the sugar content to make the food taste good.  They also realized that we need healthy fats in our diet to help us keep our hearts healthy, our skin supple, and to keep us feeling full longer. Next came the low carb diet.  People were told that it was the carbohydrates making them fat and they should be eating meat (even if it was loaded with fat) and cutting back all carbs.  It became clear over time that cutting out all carbs such as fruits and vegetables was not smart because of the of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants found in these foods.  Next the glycemic index came into play and people were given lists of "good" foods, fruits and veggies that would not spike their insulin levels and cause fat to be stored.  People were told to stay away from certain fruits because they were high in "sugar."  Never mind that it was natural sugar and the fruits had a lot of antioxidants and health benefits.  Next the high fiber/ whole grain diet became popular.  It was determined that by eating higher fiber and less processed food, one could stay fuller longer and therefore decrease the amount of calories one consumed.  Sugary cereals, cookies, and other products were made with "whole grains" in an attempt to make a processed food appear "healthier."  People are consuming the "whole grain" packaged, processed junk food and still gaining weight.   People are growing impatient with this way of eating and are now saying that it is wheat that is causing us to gain weight!  People, when are you going to realize that it does not take a science degree to determine that the healthiest way to eat for the long haul is to eat lean proteins, ALL fruits and vegetables, and high fiber starches in the least processed state as possible that will give you success with losing weight and staying healthy!  Stop blaming food groups and stop eating take out and fast food!  Stop ordering smooties loaded with sugar, lattes loaded with sugar and whipped cream, coolatas, cake pops, anything fried.... basically stop eating out so much and start preparing your food at home.  You will save money, calories and decrease the amount of fat and sodium that you are eating when ordering food out.  Eat whole foods in their natural states and stay away from processed food.  Save your money and don't bother with supplements.  Join a gym and buy some workout sneakers and clothes instead.  That is the only way to lose weight and keep it off!  I get that we are looking for answers on how to decrease the obesity epidemic that is growing every day.  However there are no shortcuts.  It is hard work with exercise and eating a healthy diet that work for the long haul.  I think once people accept this, we will see a decrease in the obesity rates.  Until that time, people will always be looking for a reason or excuse so they can get a quick fix.  

  Enjoy the week if you have it off and get some exercise in!


6:49 pm est



Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 3 Weigh In Tomorrow


Hi guys,


We will be doing our week 3 weigh ins tomorrow.  We have a few people that are rocking the weight losses!  We have 2 challengers already at 12+ lbs lost in 2 weeks!  Congrats and keep up the great work Casey and Ron!  We had a few with a small weight gain last week.  Guys put the past behind you and focus on the coming week.  Take it one day at a time.  No one ever said it would be easy.  There are no magic pills and no excuses.  It is good old fashioned hard work with exercise and a tight diet that will give you long lasting, safe, proven results.  If there were any shortcuts, everyone would be thin and in shape.  Think about it.

I had a challenger client comment to me the other day about the exercises we do during the challenge.  She commented on the fact that she was watching the "Biggest Loser" the other night and we seem to do a lot of the same exercises.  I actually don't really get a chance to watch the "Biggest Loser" on a regular basis.  But I do know that I try to incorporate full body weight exercises with cardio which is similar to what they do on the show.  Again my point is this, exercise is the key.  There are no magic activities out there that one can pull from the sky to lose weight.  You have to do the work and work hard.  Diet is so important in the challenge too.  As a matter of fact, the winner of last week's weigh in, Maureen Ross, has a previous injury that holds her back from doing many of the exercises.  Yet she was able to have the highest percentage of weight lost by doing what she could, doing some modifications, and keeping a close eye on her diet.  I can't emphasize that enough.  I am looking forward to a great week 3 weigh in tomorrow.  Everyone has been working hard.

I am continuing to train for the New Bedford half marathon which is 5 weeks from today.  I finally downloaded a new app to help me keep track of my mileage and average time.  I plan on training the right way for this half marathon: I am running 2-3 times per week and I will make sure to purchase and try out the fluids and fuel before the marathon.  I am looking forward to a good run and maybe I can improve my time a little bit from my previous half.  I enjoy having a goal to look towards and I will be running this with the Body Revolution yoga instructor, Ann Brock. 

Tomorrow evening is the 2nd Kettlebell class at 5:15pm.  I seem to have a good amount of people interested in this class so I will continue to offer it after tomorrow evening.  It is a really great class that will allow you to get your cardio, strength training, and flexibility in at once.  It also will burn a ton of calories and really kick your butt.  If you are up for the challenge, come check it out.  I have a couple of spots open.  I also purchased some 30lb kettlebells to help those that are advancing quickly. 

See you all this week!


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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy Sunday!


Hi guys,


I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and the Super Bowl.  I am multitasking: watching the game and updating my blog.  I am estatic to say that I just passed the online exam and am now a KBC Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor!  That test along with the practical that I passed last weekend allows me to join the ranks of the other talented KBC instructors out there.  I must say that the online test was without doubt the hardest test I have taken to date!  And that includes passing my ACE personal training exam and Registered Nurse Boards!   I have been practicing my kettlebell technique daily since last weekend's practical.  I look forward to sharing the strength, endurance, flexibility, and metabolic benefits this method of training provides!

Okay so now onto the challenge.  Tomorrow night is our second weigh in.  I hope the challengers are being good tonight and watching their diets!  The scale will not lie tomorrow night! 

I wanted to write a little regarding weight and discrimination.  I have had challengers tell me in the past that they did not want to do a certain exercise because it was too hard.  I have also been told that I did not understand because I have "never weighed 400 lbs."  That got me to thinking, just because an activity is hard, does that mean we do not try to do it?  If that were the case, we wouldn't have had other past challengers with 90+ lb weight losses.  They wouldn't have run half marathons either.  I always say that as soon as one walks through the front doors of Body Revolution, that weight does not matter.  A certain exercise might be hard for someone to do but I always tell them to do the best that they can.  So they might not be as fast or as graceful doing a modified prisoner get up, but they will most certainely burn more calories doing it.  Everyone is equal when they are in my studio!

I finally got back to my training schedule for the New Bedford Half Marathon today and increased my long run to 8 miles.  I am feeling good and am looking forward to building my mileage and the challenge on March 18th!

I look forward to seeing you all this week!


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Friday, February 3, 2012

Class Schedule Update


Hi guys,


We finihed our first full week of TRX suspension training.  I am very happy with the turn out and results.  I am still tweaking the class layout so be patient.  I must say that as I was having a client do Y delt flies and Alternating rear delt flies, that this piece of equipment is utterly amazing!  Think about it: what other exercise that involves strengthening your rear deltoids also engages your core and other muscles?!  It is simply amazing because it forces your body to work together as a whole to get the job done.  There is no isolation on this piece of equipment.

As I posted earlier, I had the pleasure of attending a Kettlebell Concepts Instructor certification workshop last weekend.  I have dabbled with kettlebells in the past but have a whole new appreciation for them now.  If you choose the correct weight and use proper technique, you will absolutely have your butt handed to you after a workout!  You combine full body work along with cardio.  That plus the fact that you are pushing some heavy weight and challenging your core with every movement, gives you an unbelievable workout!  I am so excited and impressed by them that I have decided to do a challenge of my own this month.  For the month of February, I will be strength training exclusively with kettlebells and the TRX suspension trainer.  I will also be doing a minimum of 100 kettlebell swings per day.  I started this at the beginning of the week and I must say my butt has been SORE!

Because of the success of all the classes this month and my new love of kettlebells, I have decided to add a trial of kettlebells on Monday nights at 5:15pm.  I know this time slot is not good for some of you but I do not have a later time available at this point.  If you are up for the challenge and feel like a complete workout in a short amount of time, then try this class.  I posted this on facebook but I will repeat it here: Kettlebell training burns 21 calories per minute, the equivalent of running a 6 minute mile.  Plus a recent study done and published by the New York Times has shown a decrease in back pain after 8 weeks of kettlebell training. 

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the Super Bowl!  Speaking of which, make sure to get your workout in Sunday morning!



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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 1 Down!


Hi guys,


We have ended our first week of workouts for the Winter Challenge.  Everyone is doing well with the group workouts and diet logging.  The first week is generally the toughest.  The challengers are sore and tired from the new schedule.  It does get better guys, wait and see!  The best piece of advice I can give when starting a new, demanding workout routine and when the inevitable soreness creeps in, is to make sure to get an easy, light workout in the following day.  That is why I schedule the run/ walks after the workout days.  The light activity gets the blood moving through the sore muscles.  This helps to increase blood flow and speed up healing of the muscle fibers and also helps to remove the waste products in the muscle that contribute to soreness.  Stretching after that light activity has also been shown to decrease soreness. 

I am very proud of this group of challengers.  They have been showing up for the group workouts ready to get the work done.  I have not heard any negative comments and everyone is logging their food... Great job guys!  I can't wait for tomorrow night's weigh in and I am sure the scale will reflect all the work you guys are doing.

I spent my weekend at a 2 day kettlebell instructor cert course.  I love attending workshops because there is so much knowledge out there and I love meeting and learning from some of the best minds in the fitness field.  This weekend was no different and I am honored to have met and learned kettlebell basics with Randy Gruezo.  I learned a lot about the history of kettlebells and also had some things reinforced regarding whole body training as well as working on perfecting my technique.  I also learned a ton of stuff regarding business and marketing.  I am looking forward to improving my kettlebell technique and using it with some of my clients.  I am also looking forward to applying some of the business techniques that I learned.  I have always said I am not a business person so I am always trying to learn and absorb whatever I can.

I will see you all this week.  Keep up those workouts!


6:45 pm est



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let's Begin!


Hi guys,


We had the start of the Winter Challenge this morning.  How appropriate since we were getting our first major snowstorm of the season!  I am happy to say that everyone showed up for the initial meeting.  We did our 'Before pics,' had our speech on nutrition, and took a trip to Trucchis supermarket for our first challenge.  I had split the group into 4 groups and had one group pick out breakfast, one group pick out lunch, one group pick out dinner, and the last group pick out snacks.  Everyone did really well and we are off to a great start!  I picked the breakfast group as the winner because they had the most complete meal and included all food groups.  Great job guys!  Now you need to practice eating your meals like that and you will have won over half the battle!  I always tell the challengers to plan ahead and make sure they bring their meals with them for the day.  The worst thing one can do is not have a healthy snack on them when they are out running errands or at work and then they end up grabbing something unhealthy from the closest fast food place.  Our first group workout is Monday night.  I am really looking forward to working with this group because we have several new people with no experience with working out and also because we have some challengers with restrictions as well as one with an injury that happened last week before the challenge had even started.  Fortunately I have a lot of experience working with knee injuries and I always welcome a challenge!

After I had finished with my clients, my SPINtensity class, and my challenge meeting, I was forced to do my long 'run' inside because of the snowstorm.  I really do not enjoy running on the treadmill plus I had forgotten my running sneakers and had to make do with my cross trainers.  So to pass the time and make it less boring, I ended up running 30 minutes on the treadmill, then did 20 minutes on the stepper, 5 minutes on the elliptical (calves were really sore), then finished with another 15 minutes on the treadmill.  Its not anywhere close to running 8 miles but I had to make do with what I had.  Tomorrow I will be away all day getting certified in TRX suspension training so I will not be able to get a run in tomorrow.  I was able to get out Wednesday for 6 miles and I did teach spin 4 days this week so I still think I am on track.  Sometimes things happen in life that get in the way of our goals but we still need to find a way to compensate for what is thrown at us.  I think today is a good example of that.  If you put your mind to it, you CAN find a way!

I will see you all this week.  I can't wait to get started!



7:02 pm est



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Challenge Starts Next Week!


Hi guys,


We are one week away from the start of Winter Challenge.  We are at 10 people for the challenge.  Returning from the Fall Challenge are: Nancy, Mikey G Jr, Lisa, and Steve.  Returning from previous challenges is Beth Coe.  Newbies are: Maureen Ross, Maureen Grant, Casey Medas, Tim Fogg (of Fogg Auto Group), and Ron Menconi.  I am so excited to be working with the new group!  They have no idea what they have gotten themselves into!  They have so much to learn and a lot of work to do.  They will work their butts off, make new friends, lose weight, make healthier eating choices, and change their lives.  I say this at every challenge: if I can convert ONE challenger into a healthier lifestyle, than I am happy and I have done my job!  We have had past challengers go on to run 5 mile road races, half marathons, become running coaches, and fall in love with spinning.  One girl from the very first challenge went on to become a  certified trainer herself and another is in the process of doing just that. 

Speaking of doing my job, I recently added a TRX suspension training system to my studio.  It is equipped with 14 feet of monkey bars.  I must be doing something right and well if a good handful of my clients are able to transverse the entire thing already!  For those of you who are not quite there yet, don't worry. with practice and more time you too will be able to do it!  I have no doubts!  Keep training hard and consistently and you will do it!

Speaking of training, I had my second long run of the year in prep for the New Bedford Half Marathon.  I had an off week in training.  My schedule got thrown off last Wednesday and I found myself having to run a distracted 5 miles on the treadmill.  I also had an old injury flare up in my foot last week and decided to take yesterday off from running.  I was able to head out this morning for a run but had to alter my normal route because of the single digit temperatures, wind chills, and fear that my foot would start to bother me.  I am very happy that I was able to get a solid hour and 5 minutes in but am not sure of the exact distance I ran.  Next weekend I will be away at a TRX workshop and will have to miss my run on Sunday.  I am hoping to be able to get a long run in next Saturday after my challenge "before pics,"  nutrition speech, and trip to to Trucchis Supermarket.  Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate and give me some decent weather too.  The following weekend I will be away the entire weekend at a Kettle Bell Instructor Certification Course.  I will have 6 weeks left until the half after this busy month ends.  If I can get my Wednesday afternoon runs in and squeak a Friday run in the following two weeks, I should remain on track.

I do want to mention a little on over training.  This time of year it is very common to have people become over zealous with training and getting fit for the New Year.  Some tend to go over board and will train every day or sometimes twice in one day.  Remember, if you are starting out and have not been working out regularly to take it slow and give yourself time to recover.  Do not do similar back to back workouts two or three days in a row.  Make sure to take a day off in between or cross train and do different activities on consecutive days.  When you strength train, you are breaking down muscle tissue.  It is only when you rest that your muscles recover, grow, and get stronger.  If you are doing the same workouts day after day without recovery, you WILL get injured, especially in the beginning.  I would recommend that a new person start off with 3 workouts a week for the first month.  Then when your body has adapted, you can add another day.  Ideally you want to increase the frequency of your workouts so that you are doing something physically active every day of the week.  The current recommendation of the Surgeon General is that adults do at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week.  A favorite saying of mine right now is that "you have to walk before you can run."  I mean that literally.  Start slow with basic exercises and give your body time to adapt and adjust.  In a few weeks you can increase the intensity and frequency a bit.  In a few more weeks you can increase again.  Do it slowly and consistently and most importantly, STAY WITH IT!

Have a great week everyone and see you all next week!


6:09 pm est



Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Goals


Hi guys,


I hope everyone had a great holiday.  It is nice to be back into a normal routine with work, exercise, and eating.  I officially started training for the New Bedford Half Marathon this morning.  I went out on my usual Sunday morning run but took the longer loop today.  I did 7 miles at a nice, easy pace.  It feels good to push myself a little in the endurance department.  I teach spin 5 days a week and while I think that spin is a tougher workout, it is also only an hour long including a warm up and cool down.  So technically you are only working for 45 minutes.  Next week I plan to hold my long run at 7 miles and the following Sunday I will increase it.  I am giving myself 8 weeks to get ready for the half.  Normally one would train for at least 3 months for a half but I have a solid base of about 15-18 miles a week for the past several months.  So between that, my spin, and a long Sunday run, I should be good to go in March barring any foul weather.  I will venture out in snow and the cold but draw the line at sub zero weather or extreme ice.  I have the shoe covers that I wear if it is icy and they help a ton but I worry about the cars.  So that is my plan for the next 2 months.

This past week, I have been busy re-arranging the gym to make room for the multi mount that will be arriving tomorrow and will be getting installed.  I will be taking my TRX suspension certification class January 22nd and will be offerring classes beginning that week.  I will post the days and times as soon as they are finalized.  I will also be updating my 'Class Schedule' page so watch for that too.

The Biggest Loser program on TV began this week and I was able to finally catch it on demand last night.  I am so excited for the Winter Challenge to begin January 21st!  What I love the most (besides Bob and Dolvet the most awesome trainers!), is that this season is titled "No Excuses."  That was and remains one of my most favorite sayings in MY challenges!  See I have done 7 challenges now and I find a common theme in all of them: people always have an excuse for why they can't work out, get to the gym, etc.  I also have noticed a common theme of a lot of people that THINK that they eat healthy and are clueless as to why they cannot lose weight.  So by providing them the opportunity to really sweat, workout, and eventually feel great and helping them solve their eating dilemas, I can help them finally start the process of losing weight and getting healthy.  When I say that we actually DO end up having fun and the challengers DO eventually begin to enjoy it, I am speaking from past experiences with all the challenges I have run.  It simply is the best thing a lot of people have done for themselves in a long time.  I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting the challengers onto the right path!  The Winter Challenge is up to max amount that I allow: 9.  I do have one guy that will squeak in if he can get his paper work together.  Stay tuned and follow the challenge on TCAM TV!  If you are interested in doing a challenge, contact me and I can start a Spring Challenge list.

So with all the New Year's resolutions that are beginning right now I would like to offer one piece of advice: pace yourselves!  Remember that one's body needs adequate time to recover from working out too.  Make sure you are not doing the same cardio everyday or doing strength training of the same muscle groups everyday.  You will burn out and possibly get injured.  Aim for 3-4 days of cardio a week if you are just starting out and make sure to give yourself a day off in between workouts.  Try to strength train 2 days a week but again make sure to space them out.  Remember that diet accounts for at least 80% of your success so start recording everything that you eat.  Try to make healthy substitutions and watch those portions!

Keep up the great work and I will talk to you all next week!



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