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My Goals

  • To treat each client as an individual

  • To promote a fun, safe workout routine

  • To help a client overcome any weaknesses

The Trainer

Meet Corinne Greenhalgh: 


Corinne is a Registered Nurse with her BSN from U- Mass Dartmouth. She has worked as a nurse for 16 years in a hospital setting and as an ACE certified personal trainer for over 7 years. She also is certified in Spin by Mad Dogg Athletics, a Kettlebell Concepts level 1 and 2 certified Instructor, and is certified in TRX-STC and TRX-Rip training. She has also attended the Plyo Power workshop and offers plyometric and agility training. Corinne has worked with elderly clients wishing to maintain their health and activities of daily living to law- enforcement individuals in maintaining the physical aptitude to perform their job safely and effectively. She has also worked with top student athletes competing at the collegiate and national levels. She has run several locally televised Weight Loss Challenges and also has appeared in the locally televised series "Shredded" which follows two young ladies on their journey to the Fitness America and Fitness Universe Pageants. She has also competed in past Figure/ Bikini shows and is a past competitive runner. Corinne currently enjoys helping others train to run their first 5k races and competes herself in local half and full marathons. She is the owner and founder of Body Revolution.


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